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    Steve Rivera
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Champions Training Center
56 Progress Place
Jackson, NJ 08527
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Steve Rivera
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Elite Wrestling NJ
Elite Wrestling Steve Rivera
Implementing curriculum and procedures for your program to build upon.
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UFC Fighter and Elite Wrestler
Frank "The Answer" Edgar

quote "My goal of these services is to grow wrestling in New Jersey. The dying breed it is needs help and I hope to bring some".

Steve Rivera
Director of Elite Wrestling

1987 NJSIAA State Champ

Elite Wrestling Services is a unique service that aims to support and grow wrestling in New Jersey .


quote With over 30 years in wrestling and 10 plus years as a club owner I am confident that I can make a difference to your program. My network of Local Colleges including Rutgers University , Rider University , Steven's Institute, TCNJ and our All American Staff opens endless possibilities for your program.

Our Mission is to create and/or manage new or existing wrestling programs creating a strong foundation with implemented curriculum and procedures for your program to build upon. For New Programs we offer “FOUNDATION” , a start-up program template that can be designed specifically to cover your start to finish requirements and goals. For Existing Programs we offer “POWERED” , a Program Enhance Service in which Elite Wrestling Services works under your existing business identity to enhanced your program through our network of resources and implementing a proven curriculum and practice format that has built champions for years.

Terms of Service:
Due to the uniqueness of this service I do not have any set terms or agreements. Each opportunity is addressed as an individual situation with its own solution or plan of attack. Through conversation we will identify the over all result you are striving for and design the program to reach your goals. I have concepts, processes and policies that have been proven to work, but in the end you have the final decision.

I don't want to post a general fee since I approach each situation based on the requirement and ultimate goal. I have Standard Service Fee price that includes a full support system for the program we are working on, including rotation of Elite Clinicians as scheduled. In addition to the Standard Fee, I get a percentage of registration of the new students that enroll during our agreement term. This does not include your existing enrolled students. I have the experience to know that my service fees work for both of us. I am confident that you will walk away in the plus as long as you follow the advice that you are paying for in Elite Wrestling Services.

Included Promotional Services
NJWrestlingTournaments.com Advertising
Wrestling Video Promotion (Technique)
Forum Announcement
Advertising Rights
Cross Promotion with Elite Wrestling Services for term of agreement

Elite Wrestling Services Current & Completed Agreements:
Private Clubs
Multi-Sport Facility
Recreation Programs
Non-Profit Programs
Business Start-Up

Private Clubs – 3 Month Agreement, Current Contract
Rick's All American Wrestling – Head Coach: Rick Gonzalez
Fairfield , NJ (Summer 2009)
Starts June 15 th – August 31 st

“I am excited to partner with Steve & his Elite Wrestling Services. I have been in business 15 years and have always had a consistent group of wrestlers; I reached out to Steve to move my wrestling business to the next level. Although the program is due to begin next week, I have spent enough time with Steve pinning down this deal to see that he is very professional, upfront and big on preparation. I am confident in Steve and his network of resources to get the job done” Rick Gonzalez – Head Coach / Business Owner

Multi-Sport Facility Owners – Open-End Agreement, Current Contract
Champions Training Center – Facility Manager: Kevin Barry
Elite Wrestling NJ
Jackson , NJ

“Being a facility manager I work hard to surround myself with Team players and successful businesses. I presented Steve with an opportunity to work within our facility to enhance the CHAMPIONS TRAINING CENTER due to his outstanding reputation. Elite Wrestling has been a great addition to my facility and I look forward to the future with him”
Kevin Barry – Property Manager

Recreation Departments – 3 Month Agreement, Completed
Manalapan Jr Braves
Manalapan , NJ (Spring 2009)
Recommendation Available

“Steve and his Elite Wrestling Service Crew are top notch! His experience and resources have made a drastic impact on our club. Very professional and prepared, a “Take Control” approach to the agreement. They ran solid practices giving us a chance to observe and learn a format that he has proven works. In regards to enrollment, we had 20 kids enrolled prior to hiring Elite Wrestling Services. After Elite Wrestling Services completed their 3 month agreement we had 126 enrolled.”
Ethan Waller – Head Coach

Non-Profit Programs – 7 yrs, Agreement, Completed
Toms River Wrestling Club
Toms River , NJ
Recommendation Available

“I am thankful to have met Steve in my tenure as club president. His professional approach to the agreement and overall commitment was everything we could have hoped for and then some. His ability to befriend the kids and parents is a talent not seen in many which causes a family bond that resonates to hard wrestling with a goal oriented approach. During his tenure with our club we were able to finish first in the Jersey Shore League which stands as one of the States toughest leagues. I think that says what he's capable of producing.”
Jack Pontoriero - President

Business Start-up – 2 yrs Agreement, Completed
Glastonbury Wrestling Club
Glastonbury , CT

“This was my first paid contracted experience after graduating college, at this point over 15 years ago and the people I worked with are no longer involved. It was a great learning experience and confidence builder for me.”
Steve Rivera

Clinicians on Staff
Steve Rivera – State Champ, National Champ, 4x NCAA All American, Long-time trainer of UFC Fighter Frank Edgar

Rob Liebrock - Formerly of Malisha Wrestling Club, Rob is now EWS on-site Staff Wrestling Coach. Trainer of many State Champions

Frank Edgar – UFC Fighter, 2x State Place Winner, EWL Champ, 4x NCAA Qualifier

Jason Nase – 2x State Runner Up, NCAA All American, Rider Assistant Coach

Scott Goodale – HS Coach of Year, Team of Year, Rutgers Head Coach

Mike Clayton – Steven's Institute Head Coach, Rookie Coach of the Year

Cory Cooperman – Rutger's Assistant Coach, NCAA All American

Scott Winston – NJ's First Undefeated HS Wrestler 137-0, Freshman NCAA D1 Qualifier

Doug Umberhauer – All American, 4x NCAA Qualifier

John Hangey - Rider Head Assistant Coach, NCAA All American

Matt Oliver – State Champ, NCAA All American

Vincent Dellefave – 4x State Place Winner, 2x State Champ, HS All American

Mike Gaeta – State Place Winner, NCAA All American


NJSIAA State Tournament OW
NJSIAA State Champion
NCAA National Champ
4x NCAA All-American (8,3,2,1)
Region 6 Hall of Fame
Manalapan Hall of Fame
UFC Manager Frank Edgar
NCAA Hall of Fame
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1987 State Finals

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If you are interested in being part of Elite Wrestling Services traveling clinician staff please contact me at steverivera@wrca.net



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